Welcome to the new website redesign. Here you'll find published articles from Macinstruct.com and RetroJunk.com, current and yet-to-be published articles, various photos, information about me and my likes, and much more.

I currently write for Macinstruct.com as a Volunteer Technical Writer and Volunteer Coordinator, where I assist newcomers to the site and explain to them the writing styles and what we do. I've done training presentations and created videos for the staff of Montour School District for their Gmail transition; and my previous training position was teaching the IT staff of UPMC McKeesport about Apple Macintosh computers, multiple OS X operating systems, and the intergration of iOS devices (iPads, iPhones) with Macs.

Update 2013/2/4 - Be sure to check out my book on Amazon.com; Building a Hackintosh - Research, Buying Parts, and Putting It All Together. Yours for the low price of $4.99. Originally an unpublished article for Macinstruct.com, this retooled article evolved into a complete book geared for both new and experienced builders. In addition to pointing out the pros and cons of new vs used, photos and detailed instructions are given with large, full-color photos and screen shots from OS X.


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